In case of an emergency please:
– Stay calm and calm others
– Protect the injured person and yourself from immediate dangers (fall, falling rocks, suffocation, cold, humidity, etc.) in the best way possible
– Provide the injured with first aid to the best of your skills and abilities
– Mark the accident location or the location of the injured person (especially in winter)
– Immediately advise Croatian Mountain Rescue Service on the accident

Information on an accident that occurred in a mountain or another rugged terrain and requires assistance from GSS may be given to:
– Emergency call number – telephone number: 112
– HGSS teams’ telephone numbers
– Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) Information Points; usually well equipped mountain huts clearly marked with HGSS name and emblem
– The police – telephone number: 92
– Medical First Aid Stations – telephone: 94
– Any member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Information on an accident should contain the following:
– Who is calling (full name, telephone number), to enable further contacts for obtaining of additional information
– Where the call is made from and how the person calling learned about the accident (eyewitness or mediator)
– Place of accident (a precise description)
– Who the injured person is (full name, age, address)
– What happened (cause and nature of injuries)
– What has been done so far (first aid administered, who is informed)
– Weather conditions at the place of accident
– Approaches to the place of accident

Call for help:
Call for help in mountains or on rock faces are made with light or sound signals. Calls and replies should be repeated until a firm and clear connection is established. Call signs are made six times over a minute, every other minute, and replies with same signals three times every other minute. Forming of the letter “Y”, for “yes”, with one’s body (body upright with arms raised up and aside) is the sign that assistance is required, similar to firing a red flare.

HGSS teams’ telephone numbers:
-TEAM DELNICE: +385/91/721-0004
-TEAM GOSPIĆ +385/91/721-0007
– TEAM KARLOVAC: +385/91/721-0005
– TEAM MAKARSKA: +385/91/721-0011
– TEAM OGULIN: +385/91/721-0003
– TEAM POŽEGA: +385/91/721-0009
– TEAM PULA: +385/91/721-0006
– TEAM RIJEKA: +385/91/721-0000
– TEAM SAMOBOR: +385/91/721-0008
TEAM SPLIT: +385/91/721-0001
– TEAM ŠIBENIK: +385/91/721-0001
– TEAM VARAŽDIN: +385/91/721-0012
– TEAM ZADAR: +385/91/721-0010
– TEAM ZAGREB: +385/91/721-0002
– TEAM DUBROVNIK 091/112-9200